audio and video and everything else

Beginning with the COVID-19 pandemic, at my daytime job I suddenly had to switch from face-to-face meetings to *virtual events*. Therefore I reactivated my analogue radio station knowledge from the nineties and invested in some audio and video gear. As it became apparent very quickly, technology had advanced in these 25+ years with things being possible I would not have imagined.

In the last 12 months I spent some time trying out mixers, software and ways to connect stuff. In that time, I learned quite a lot from others and hopefully I can pass along some things I came across on my way. So from time to time I will post a video on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and write about my findings. And with that being said, the contents of the Twitter channel (being dormant now for a couple of years) will definitely change.

See you around. Ronald

Published by Ronald Rink

I am a senior auditor and consultant at d-fens for business processes and information systems.

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