Layout of Portable Audio and Video Setup

A couple of weeks ago I posted a video of our portable audio and video setup:

Building a portable web conferencing audio and video setup with a Sound Devices 833 and Dante

In the video I did not show you the actual diagram of all the wiring. So here it is:

Setup with analogue adapters running out of 833

This is actually a modified version as I since replaced the Audinate AVIO Dante AES adapter with an Audinate AVIO Dante Analogue Input adapter. If you are interested in the difference of quality and latency between these adapters, check the following image (taken from RX8) or see this video:

AES adapter on top, Analogue adapter on the bottom (slightly higher noise floor and 10 samples behind)

The original layout with the AES adapter is this one:

Original setup with Audinate AVIO Dante AES adapter

And in case you are interested, here is the Dante configuration as seen in the Dante Controller:

Dante Configuration in Dante Controller (with AES)

Replace the AES adapter with an Analogue Input adapter and set the L/R outputs 833 to *Line*. With the analogue adapter we have to use both cables/physical outputs (instead of just using the L output in AES mode). And a side note: there is no output delay possible on the 8-series mixer with AES as the output.

This is it for today. See you next time.

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I am a senior auditor and consultant at d-fens for business processes and information systems.

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