The last microphone I ever buy?

In the last post I wrote about my recent purchase: The Neumann U 67. And it arrived today. I just unpacked and connected it to my Sound Devices 833. The high-pass low-cut filter on the microphone is enabled and the polar pattern is set to cardiod.The gain is set to 44dB on the recorder, withContinue reading “The last microphone I ever buy?”

Sound Device MixPre-3 II Timecode Issue

In this post I would like to talk about an irritating feature, not to say a flaw, in the Sound Devices MixPre-3 II. You can also listen to the whole post on YouTube. Let’s take it away. One of the features of the SoundDevices MixPre-3 is Timecode. However, as it turns out, there seems toContinue reading “Sound Device MixPre-3 II Timecode Issue”

Speech synthesis with the Neumann TLM 67

As a follow to my previous post, here is the first audio from the new Descript Overdub voice recorded via the Neumann TLM 67 along with a comparison to the previous overdub voices I recorded. Here is the uncompressed audio, in case you want to find out if you can hear a difference: In addition,Continue reading “Speech synthesis with the Neumann TLM 67”

A new addition to my microphone locker – Neumann TLM 67

Having to stay in a sound-wise medieval croft for the next couple of months could make me think to invest in proper acoustic room treatment – or: to get a new microphone. And this is what I did. I ordered the Neumann TLM 67. Originally, I was up for a Neumann U 67 Reissue. However,Continue reading “A new addition to my microphone locker – Neumann TLM 67”

Microphone comparison in an untreated room

In the next couple of months I will be in a sound-wise unfriendly environment where recordings are very likely to suffer. As we will have to produce “live” there will be no time for post processing. But as I still want to achieve some kind of intelligible sound, I conducted some tests for find aContinue reading “Microphone comparison in an untreated room”

Sound Devices 8-series Firmware v8.90 bug leads to disabled Channel Input after Recording

The other day I finally got my new sound Devices A20 Mini and connected it to my Scorpio via A10-RX / SL-2. After a quick test recording I came across a small firmware error (that actually has nothing to do with the A20). [Update 2020-05-21] Sound Devices confirmed to me that they are aware ofContinue reading “Sound Devices 8-series Firmware v8.90 bug leads to disabled Channel Input after Recording”

Powering the Sound Devices MixPre-10 II via a MyVolts Hirose DC Adapter and a USB-C PowerBank

The Sound Devices MixPre-10 II unfortunately does not support power via USB, but either gives you power options via the battery sled or its Hirose 4-pin adapter. As normal NiMH batteries last to something like zero and the original AC/DC adapter is a bit bulky, I looked for an alternative, which I found at MyVoltsContinue reading “Powering the Sound Devices MixPre-10 II via a MyVolts Hirose DC Adapter and a USB-C PowerBank”

Sound Devices Scorpio with Hirose 10-pin Output

The Sound Devices Scorpio comes with 2 Hirose 10-pin outputs that – according to the block diagram – can be configured for L, R or bus B1 to B10. Sound Devices sells this cable under the product name XL-10. However, this item is no longer sold. And my supplier in Switzerland told me, he wouldContinue reading “Sound Devices Scorpio with Hirose 10-pin Output”