Mixing a Concert with a Sound Devices Scorpio

In this post I tell the story how it came that I bought myself a Behringer X32 as a “replacement” for my Sound Devices Scorpio. Ok, not really a replacement. I am totally happy with my Scorpio. Maybe more of an addition … And here the story goes: some days ago, a colleague via aContinue reading “Mixing a Concert with a Sound Devices Scorpio”

Sound Comparison: Phone Calls via Audinate Dante AVIO USB-C vs Bluetooth Adapter

I just did a quick test to see if there is any difference in sound or quality between using an Audindate Dante AVIO USB-C Adapter vs an Audinate Dante AVIO Bluetooth Adapter when recording a phone call. In the test you can hear that both version do not offer great sound. This might stem fromContinue reading “Sound Comparison: Phone Calls via Audinate Dante AVIO USB-C vs Bluetooth Adapter”

audio and video and everything else

Beginning with the COVID-19 pandemic, at my daytime job I suddenly had to switch from face-to-face meetings to *virtual events*. Therefore I reactivated my analogue radio station knowledge from the nineties and invested in some audio and video gear. As it became apparent very quickly, technology had advanced in these 25+ years with things beingContinue reading “audio and video and everything else”