Speech synthesis with the Neumann TLM 67

As a follow to my previous post, here is the first audio from the new Descript Overdub voice recorded via the Neumann TLM 67 along with a comparison to the previous overdub voices I recorded. Here is the uncompressed audio, in case you want to find out if you can hear a difference: In addition,Continue reading “Speech synthesis with the Neumann TLM 67”

A new addition to my microphone locker – Neumann TLM 67

Having to stay in a sound-wise medieval croft for the next couple of months could make me think to invest in proper acoustic room treatment – or: to get a new microphone. And this is what I did. I ordered the Neumann TLM 67. Originally, I was up for a Neumann U 67 Reissue. However,Continue reading “A new addition to my microphone locker – Neumann TLM 67”