Sound Devices 8-series Firmware v8.90 bug leads to disabled Channel Input after Recording

The other day I finally got my new sound Devices A20 Mini and connected it to my Scorpio via A10-RX / SL-2. After a quick test recording I came across a small firmware error (that actually has nothing to do with the A20).

[Update 2020-05-21] Sound Devices confirmed to me that they are aware of this and seem to have no intentions to address this due to its rare occurrence. Something I can understand and live with it. [Update End]

Normally, after PowerOn the 8-series asks you if you wanted to create a new (daily) folder. Something which I normally confirm. In addition, if you leave the recorder running after midnight, upon stopping the next recording, the 8-series asks you again, if you wanted to create a new folder (or keep recording to the same folder). So far, so good.

So now to the error: whenever we record something on the 8-series and select any Channel the actual (physical) input to that channel is greyed out (as it makes no sense to change any of its settings. As soon, as the recording has finished, the input menu becomes active againg available for modification.

However, when the 8-series asks for a new recording folder, after a recording has finished, that input menu stays disabled. After leaving the Channel screen and re-entering it, the input is active as normal.

And this is all to it. Only a minor nuisance. But maybe Sound Devices will fix it in a future firmware update.

See the following video for a reproduction of the error:

Sound Devices 8 series v8.90: Channel input disabled after recording when selecting a new folder

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