Sound Comparison: Phone Calls via Audinate Dante AVIO USB-C vs Bluetooth Adapter

I just did a quick test to see if there is any difference in sound or quality between using an Audindate Dante AVIO USB-C Adapter vs an Audinate Dante AVIO Bluetooth Adapter when recording a phone call.

In the test you can hear that both version do not offer great sound. This might stem from the fact that the headset used is rather mediocre. In my opinion, the Bluetooth adapter has a more metallic sound and is less preferable. See below for more details on both spectra.

The video has a rather long black tail. This was not intended did slip through my quality ensurance programme. Sorry for that.

When looking at the spectrum of both samples, it seems that the USB-C adapter has a *sharper* cut at the upper end. But maybe I am misinterpreting that:

USB-C Spectrum
Bluetooth Spectrum

The following two videos show the spectroscope of both recordings (USB-C and Bluetooth):

USB-C Spectroscope
Bluetooth Spectroscope

This is it for today’s post. What are your thoughts about these adapters?

ps By the way, I just tried my first instagram video in “portrait mode” by using this video (still with black on top and bottom). Tell me if this is better viewable than a standard 16:9.

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I am a senior auditor and consultant at d-fens for business processes and information systems.

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